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Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is the registration fee refundable?

Yes, if the request is made before 60 days of the Conference. 25 EUR or 25 GBP or 25 USD will be deducted as Administrative fees and refunded to the same source.

2. Can I get the official acceptance letter?

Yes, this is applicable only for Paper and Poster Authors. During registration, please opt for the Acceptance Letter too, this letter will be issued within 5 working days after the registration confirmation.

3. Can I pay with my Credit Card online?

Yes, we have the option to pay online. Both the registrant's name and cardholder should be the same. If they are different, please email us immediately with the relationship to ratify and process the registration.

4. How can I Pay offline?

You can opt for paying offline via Invoice. During the registration choose Invoice as payment mode, you will get the invoice link when you are completing it. You will find the account information there. No "Charge on Receiver", this will put your registration on hold and will not be processed.

5. I am a Student, do I get the discount?

Unfortunately NO. We have only standard registration.

6. What does the Registration include?

The registration includes participation in the Conference, a Certificate of Participation, a Notepad, Pen and a Conference Gift.

7. Can I register for only 1 day?

No. This is an Academic Conference, and the registration is crafted for the entire program.

8. Can our Organization sponsor the conference?

No. We don't accept sponsorships. You can send the representation.

9. Is there funding available for Travel and Accommodation?

Yes, we help through another organisation. After registration, do email to stem(at)stemconferences(dot)com to get the information.

10. Will I receive a certificate of participation?

Yes, all the participants, including Speakers, Authors, Poster Presenters, and Listeners will get the certificate.

11. I need a letter of Invitation, do I need to register?

Yes, this will indicate that you are a good individual attending the conference. During registration opt for the Letter of Invitation and upload your passport copy.

12. Do you send the Hard Copy of the Invitation Letters to my address?

Usually, we don't send the Hard Copy unless it is required. Do email us to get the Hard Copy of the Invitation after registration. This will take around 21 days to reach you, and a small fee will be associated.

13. When would I receive a confirmation after the Registration?

It will take around 5 to 7 Business days to process the registration. We carry out a few manual checks before confirming the booking. When your registration is accepted, you will get the Registration Confirmation along with a code.

14. My question is not listed here, Whom do I contact?

Apart from this, for any questions do email to stem(at)stemconferences(dot)com to get the information.

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